Welcome Otago University!

Welcome Otago University!
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The Collaborative is proud to welcome Otago University Business School as its newest partner for the Data Value Toolkit program.

Otago Business School is ranked #1 for research in New Zealand with a host of leaders in their fields provide high standards of teaching and research excellence, and the partnership between The Collaborative and Otago University is founded on a shared vision that the value of using data to create new products and services is one of the core foundations of the digital economy.

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This collaboration will explore and refine the Data Value Toolkit to help discover, unlock, and realize the Value of Data for organizations, industries, the environment, and society. Key areas of focus in this partnership include:

  1. Content Modules: The collaboration aims to foster a culture of innovation by harnessing the vast potential of data. Practitioners from the Data Value Toolkit Community, Researchers, Students, and Professionals will work together to explore new possibilities, identify emerging trends, and develop learning content to address industry data challenges.
  2. Evidence-Based Decision Making: By combining academic expertise with industry insights, the collaboration aims to promote evidence-based decision-making processes. Through joint research projects, workshops, and training programs, the partners intend to empower professionals and decision-makers with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed choices backed by credible evidence.
  3. Governance Excellence: The partnership will emphasize the importance of robust governance frameworks in managing and utilizing data effectively. The Collaborative and Otago University will jointly develop best practices and guidelines for the responsible use of data and AI, ensuring ethical and compliant use of data in all aspects of business and research.
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