At The Collaborative we work with like-minded organizations that are passionate in moving the world forward through the development and refinement of open-source frameworks that translate critical thinking and applied research into actionable insights, workable toolkits and tangible results.

Data Value Toolkit

In partnership with Otago University, we have been exploring opportunities to lift the capability of both public and private sector organizations to successfully participate in Data Collaboratives by developing a Governance Framework for Data Collaboratives.

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Drawing on an emerging body of literature and practitioner experience, we worked with the global communities of Data Stewards to identify a set of governance principles, models, disciplines, concepts, guidelines, and proven practices in public-private Data Collaboration.

As a result of this initial research cycle, we are now building out a Data Value Toolkit as a design-led framework to help organizations and public-private data collaborations discover, unlock and realize the value of data.

The development and release of the Data Value Toolkit will support the practitioner community in their work to help senior leaders of both public and private organizations gain value from the Data they hold and the collaborations they participate in.

We are also developing a supporting platform that will continuously update and refine the Data Value Toolkit via international benchmarking with practitioners and applied research efforts with our partners in academia.

The Data Value Toolkit: Beta Testing is now Open.

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We are now in the initial beta testing phase of the Data Value Toolkit and have a limited number of spaces for early adaptors to work with us on the co-design and refinement process prior to the formal launch in Q2 2024.

If you would like to participate, please contact the Data Value Toolkit design-led (Malcolm Fraser) and register your interest.

Platform Design Toolkit

Our people have been working with the Boundaryless team in Italy on the Platform Design Toolkit as a structured approach to scanning an ecosystem and assessing the platform opportunity in there.

The Platform Design Toolkit helps you evaluate how you can leverage your assets, overcome existing moats, and design ways to transform the value chain with an aggregation strategy by applying recurring Platform Plays.

The first platform design method ever codified, released in 2013, optimized to help you build multi-sided, transformative platform strategies to empower ecosystems in creating shared value: it’s open-source, adopted worldwide by global Fortune 500 leaders, leading institutions, startups, and scaleups.