Big Rocks for 2024, The Data Value Toolkit and Ecosystem.

At The Collaborative we are working with universities, practitioners, and data stewards from around the world to develop the Data Value Toolkit, come join the party!

As a design-led framework The Data Value Toolkit comprises a set of principles, models, disciplines, guidelines, and proven practices to help discover, unlock, and realize the Value of Data for both organizations and public-private data collaborations.

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Photo by Amélie Mourichon / Unsplash

Across 2024 we will be running a set of 90-day sprints to design and implement the toolkit, along with facilitating the establishment of a Data Valve Ecosystem to continuously update and refine the toolkit via international benchmarking, content curation and collaborative research efforts, including:

  • Toolkit Content Modules: As a curated and structured unit of educational material, designed to provide targeted knowledge and actionable insights for practitioners on the use of the toolkit.
  • Partners: Subject Matter Expert partners (individual, industry body or organization) that support the development of the Content Modules and serve as a dynamic resource that blends theoretical understanding with practical application.
  • Community-of-Practice: A global community of toolkit practitioners, SME partners and industry focused applied researchers.
  • Data Value Platform: A Data Value Platform that acts as a hub for the community-of-practice to share knowledge, case studies, experiences, and best practices to deliver value for firms, industries, the environment, and society.

Our latest Data Value Toolkit partner is Otago University in New Zealand, where we will be working with their Business School to leverage their great applied research with a focus on Governance and Evidence-Informed Decision Making.

Part of their level 10 Professional Doctorate program, we will be incorporating the principles of organizational governance and data-informed decision making into a specific module for Data Valve Toolkit, including collaborative governance and the importance of evidence-informed and ethical decision making.

We are also working with other institutions and data value practitioners in the areas of AI supported Decision Making, Data Ethics and Innovation and data product portfolio management as part of Sprint #1 (Jan - Mar 2024).

If you are interested in being part of the growing community-of-practice for the Toolkit, or are interesting in exploring a possible partnership, contact Malcolm Fraser, research lead for the Data Value Toolkit.