Why Data Governance?

Why Data Governance?
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I started The Art of Data Governance to take a 360 view of data governance and to explore its intersections with Data Stewardship, Data-as-a-Product, Platform Thinking, and Collaborative Innovation, all in a cloud-driven and increasingly decentralized world!

Building in Public

I'm also taking a leaf from the Build-in-Public playbook to develop The Art of Data Governance with practitioner members and give visibility to my ongoing action-based research on Governance Frameworks for Data Collaboratives (very much a work in progress!).

What do I mean by Building in Public?

Building in public refers to the act of actively developing a project and using a broader audience as an accountability system...whether it’s sharing periodic findings or committing to a monthly newsletter to summarize the state of research, building in public motivates one to accomplish more by being openly accountable to an audience. (Litmaps 2023)
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It's a Journey!

It's a journey rather than a destination, with insights from fellow travelers, wrong turnings, bumps in the road, and the odd small moments of clarity with my fellow professionals in data governance and data stewardship.

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Keywords: Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Design Thinking, Data-as-a-Product, Decentralized, Federated, Collaborative Innovation Networks, Platform Ecosystems.
Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser

I help organizations take a Purpose-Driven approach to Data Governance and create a data culture that enables better decision-making that is aligned with organizational goals and strategies.