Really Quick!

Really Quick!
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The Art of Data Governance Newsletter has moved to its now home at The Collaborative.


1. Collaborative Innovation Network:
The Collaborative isn't just a community, it's a thriving ecosystem of collaborative innovation and problem-solving expertise. The network is designed to encourage cross-industry collaboration, fostering an environment where creativity meets functionality. Together, we build, refine, and deploy novel solutions to real-world problems.

2. Diverse Thinking:
Each of the members comes with a unique perspective, influenced by their specific area of research, professional background, personal experiences, and cultural context.

So, we thought we would try something different and publish individual thoughts from our members via their own blogs hosted here at The Collaborative.

Hence, the Art of Data Governance is the first one up...



Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser

I help organizations take a Purpose-Driven approach to Data Governance and create a data culture that enables better decision-making that is aligned with organizational goals and strategies.